Throughout life we appear to attract and encounter similar life experiences.

We don’t even question it when we know it’s happening.  

Instead we just accept this is who I am and what my life is meant and expected to be.  

Well, it isn’t!  

You think it is because you haven’t experienced or wanted to change your perception of life in order to experience something better.  The reason is throughout your life your self-esteem and belief system has been constantly battered, so your sense of self- worth is at its lowest.  As a result, you honestly truly without doubt BELIEVE this is what you deserve in life.  

How about we bring to the surface the reasons you don’t deserve a joyful life and all the positive experiences it can afford you.  


  • I don’t deserve a better life because I’m………………………


If you want to you can take a pen out and actually write down what you think you are – why don’t you deserve the ideal loving relationship with yourself and life.  Think of the negative things and write them down.  

This shouldn’t be too difficult as I found it was much easier for me to dish out all my ‘negative’ traits than my positive ones.

These are the negative beliefs that you have about yourself.  

These are the untrue qualities that you think you have and are.  

Well, let me tell you these are the bullshit reasons you think you don’t deserve a better relationship with life.  Trust me you do!  


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