Workshops for Educators

Burnout to Brilliance. The What, the Why and the How to Keep your Flame Burning in ELT.

Teacher burnout is increasing and it’s an international epidemic (Rankin 2016). Based on Positive Psychology and Wellbeing interventions and tools supported by research, this workshop introduces teachers to strategies to help them take steps in going from Burnout to Brilliance. The What, the Why and the How of burnout is explored and through an experiential approach, teachers leave the workshop with practical tools to apply in their own life.


Developing a Healthy Sense of Self in the Secondary School Classroom:  ELT for Life’s Purposes 

This teacher-training workshop presents a taster of the ELT for Life’s Purposes programme with a dual-focus objective –  personal growth and language development. Helping any learner reach their highest potential. Meaningful activities aim to support and develop personal growth, wellbeing and success and can be used by both teachers and learners alike. Though at first language tasks appear unassuming, they have the creative potential to reach deeper. Linguistically, they are so simple they can be used with almost any level and teaching context including adults, teens and young learners.


Pathways to Success – Discovering your Creativity and Purpose in ELT

What professional goal do you want to accomplish? What’s stopping you from discovering and achieving it? As teachers, often consumed by the routine of our profession, we sometimes allow opportunities for growth to pass us by. This workshop shares effective tools and techniques which, when creatively applied, support you towards realising your professional and/or personal goals.


Creating our Visions – Using Vision Boards in the Secondary School Classroom to Promote Wellbeing

This 2-hour teacher training workshop presents an English and arts lesson in which a class of secondary school learners created vision boards, a creative visualisation tool that uses words and pictures to represent goals and dreams.  We briefly outline the benefits of this inspirational and creative tool and providing clear steps into creating a vision board, you will have an opportunity to experience creating your own in the second part of the workshop, leaving inspired to try out this important visualisation tool with your learners.


Creativity – The Ingredient to Spicing up your Coursebook

What does a jar of ready-made curry sauce and a coursebook have in common? Using this paradox, I explore how a ready-made curry sauce is comparable to a coursebook. Specifically, a sauce is enhanced when extra ingredients are added. Equally, coursebook activities and tasks can also be spiced up, enriched, personalised and made more meaningful with the help of a distinct ingredient – creativity.

Workshops for Schools

ELT for Life’s Purposes – Pathways to Success

Through inspirational and creatively empowering language-learning tools, I directly teach your learners with tools that support them to setting and achieving their goals. Part of the ELT for Life’s Purposes programme, this 90’ minute lesson meaningfully engages learners, providing a rich and personalised language learning experience that supports their language development and personal growth, well-being and success.


Creating our Visions – Using Vision Boards in the Secondary School Classroom to promote Wellbeing

This exciting content-based lesson, which integrates English and arts introduces the concept of vision boards and why it is useful to create one. Thinking about their desires and then using a range of art materials and magazines, learners create vision boards. At the end of the session learners share their creations and visions with their peers.

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Most teens seem to think that our life is over when we are 20, so of course this adds time pressure, as they might feel they need to succeed in something quickly. For all these reasons, a lot of them have negative self-beliefs, feel insecure, give up their dreams and do not dare talk about any dreams to an adult.

Having someone like Dina come during 90’ or more is very motivating for the students, mainly because she’s only there to listen to their dreams. She asks students to express their dreams and encourages them, and because she’s not from school and doesn’t know their parents, they can say what they want to be/do, even if their dreams felt impossible just before.

Véronique Buffat

Ecole Française Berne