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A word or two about the lessons and Resources

Through an experiential learning approach, the lessons I’ve created provide tools and techniques that aim to foster personal growth, wellbeing and success. These are tools I’ve learnt and applied in my own life and are founded on scientifically tried and tested tools and interventions of positive psychology, wellbeing and principles for success.

Simple, effective teaching resources, the lessons that make up ELT for Life’s Purposes require little if any preparation, can be implemented immediately and can supplement any coursebook syllabus. What’s more you are free to adapt the tools to suit your teaching context, you don’t have to stick to the lesson step-by-step. You can easily make the lesson work for you and your teaching context. 

Finally… remember, it starts with YOU!

Before you implement this lesson, I urge you, in fact I totally insist you try it out for yourself.  In fact, in all my live workshops and teacher training seminars, I promote an experiential learning approach. I believe we can’t promote the benefits of what we want to teach and the effects of change unless we first ‘practise what we teach!’  

Just simply follow the instructions and dare to dive in and see what happens to you as a result!

“ If what a student says makes little or no difference to him or her, it has little “depth”, but if the energy from the learning experience makes a difference, if it is deep, then it ‘draws more energy from the learner’s “world of meaningful action”, and in turn it helps to shape that world.”   

– Earl Stevic

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