Jack Canfield Training

As a Certified Trainer in the Success Principles and Jack Canfield Methodology, I’ve been lucky enough to have been personally mentored and trained by Jack Canfield to teach the Success Principles (and what an amazing experience that was!)

“So, what are The Success Principles?”  

For over 30 years, Jack Canfield’s been coaching and training individuals, entrepreneurs, educators and corporate leaders to reach their personal and professional goals, helping them to live a life of purpose and joy.  

The name may well ring a bell as Jack Canfield is the multiple New York Times best selling author and the creator of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series, which has sold over 150 million copies.

The Success Principles are a set of systematic principles which, when applied to your life, can support you in reaching your highest potential, to achieving your dreams and living the life you were destined to live.

success principles

The Success Principles

The Success Principles are timeless principles that help people from all walks of life; age and gender on life’s journey. A set of tools that you’d definitely want to have in your life’s toolbox!   

The Success Principles can be used in every area of your life, at work, in your personal and professional life, at school and in your relationships.  

The Success Principles provide you with a unique set of tools to equip you on your life’s journey.   Integrating these tools through Lessons-in-Self you’ll learn how to:

  • Take 100% responsibility for your life
  • Decide what it is you really, (like really, really, want) and know how to achieve it
  • Set goals that will help propel onwards and upwards
  • Become unstuck and get rid of those self-limiting beliefs (no place for where you’re going!)
  • Create habits that deliver successful outcomes
  • Go beyond your comfort zone and reject rejection (No, becomes NEXT!!)
  • Ask for the support you require to move you forward
  • Live in appreciation and gratitude to attract more abundance

All you have to do is –


decide what you want + believe you can achieve it


Through lessons-in-self