Read what people are saying about Lessons-in-Self educational programmes.


You’re an excellent and passionate presenter and I Look forward to attending many more of your seminars, which are inspiring, thought-provoking, creative and fun!!

Sabine Liberto-Vonlaufen

English Teacher, DELTA 1, CELTA, SVEB

I have known Dina for 10 years and find it is always a pleasure to work with her, because she is open, communicative, enthusiastic, eager and great fun to be with.

She has an entertaining way of speaking and can discuss any topic effortlessly, mostly because she takes such an interest in the world and the people around her.

Mary Jo Kluser Med

Lecturer of Communications, FHNW

Dina has a way of seeing the positive side of life, whatever the proverbial weather, with a fantastic sense of humour, to boot….she is always warm, smart, kind and approachable, the woman she is today benefits from the added addition of her professionalism, intellect and unflappability.

Dina is hardworking, diligent and really, really cares. She has been my rock for the past 25 years.

Charlotte Langron-Brown

close friend and confidant

Dina possesses the rare gift of not only seeing beyond the pale to providing quality education, but also being able to share her depth of insight so that others can learn and benefit.

Dr. JoAnn Salvisberg

President, ETAS

Dina is a passionate and enthusiastic trainer who is keen to help others with new insights to continually improve themselves.

Christina K P Kwok

Owner, Cross-Cultural Synergies

I absolutely loved watching Dina present. She is very friendly, expressive and enthusiastic

Deborah King


I attended Dina’s Fortified and Fabulous workshop last June with a bit of skepticism.  Not overly fond of the notion of “bonding” with a group of women to reveal our secret desires and visions, I decided to leave my apprehensions at the door.  

After one minute into the presentation I realized that  I was facing a speaker who had a message to share.  I sensed that we would all go away with a strategy or tool that we could immediately apply to our lives. Some might be the same, some might be different. 

The next day I rushed out to buy a vision journal and was amazed to see how the power of the written word became the wind beneath my wings.

My hope is to be able to bring together other women who would like taste the sweetness of empowerment through Dina’s teachings.  Come with a open mind and the faith of an innocent child. You will not be disappointed !



I remember…. many many years back in time…. I came to observe a lesson of yours… because I had a plan. My plan was to become an excellent teacher. I thought the best way to get there was to observe someone brilliant : YOU.

Teaching with so much authenticity and heart-felt enthusiasm, enabling your students to experience the learning process as something joyful.

Thank you for having been my teacher and my inspiration.

Angela Ruedy


Most teens seem to think that our life is over when we are 20, so of course this adds time pressure, as they might feel they need to succeed in something quickly. For all these reasons, a lot of them have negative self-beliefs, feel insecure, give up their dreams and do not dare talk about any dreams to an adult.


Having someone like Dina come during 90’ or more is very motivating for the students, mainly because she’s only there to listen to their dreams. She asks students to express their dreams and encourages them, and because she’s not from school and doesn’t know their parents, they can say what they want to be/do, even if their dreams felt impossible just before.

Véronique Buffat

Ecole Française Berne