ELT for Life’s Purposes


What if our English language lessons could make a real difference to our learners’ lives? What if our lessons not only developed our learners’ English language skills, but also supported their personal growth, wellbeing and success through the process of learning English?

Lessons-in-Self – ELT for Life’s Purposes aims to do just that!

It starts with YOU.  It starts with US!

The old saying goes, “Practice what you Preach” as teachers, let’s ‘practice what we  teach!’ – if you want to see the change in your learners, then you need to see the change in yourself first to be an impactful and truly transformational teacher – ELT for Life’s Purposes – it’s more than language teaching, it’s an education for life.  Let’s be the change we want to see in our learners.

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‘Acknowledging my Past Successes’

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