What’s your purpose? What’s your why? Why do you do what you do?  

Well, way back in 2016 when I started Lessons-in-Self, it was to create and deliver fun, inspirational and transformational Education for Life programmes that authentically support people beginning, or already on the journey of life so that they can become the person they are destined to be.

That is, until I got caught in all the noise and lost my way……like big time!

Today, I’m here to tell you it’s NEVER too late to get your shit together and be like Forrest Gump. Dina, what are you going on about? Read on to find out ……

Inspired by Forrest Gump.

If you’ve never watched the film then YOU HAVE TO. You may want to check this link here for a quick synopsis as not going into detail here, suffice to say it’s one of my favourite films and love it for its life lessons!

Forrest Gump overcame adversity and accomplished so much in his unintentional adventurous life.

Thing is, and as I see it, he never intentionally set out to achieve the things he ended up accomplishing.

You see, Forrest Gump just took action, moving towards what felt right. And while he also faced loss while on his life’s journey, he kept going never once being bitter about the chocolates life gave him.

He didn’t once say, “I’ll buy the shrimp boat because it’ll make me millions”, he bought it to keep his friend Bubba’s memory and dream alive. Whatever he did, he did by following his heart.

He took action and did the things he did because it felt right for him – and not based on what others told him he should or shouldn’t be doing. Whatever he did, he did with passion, determination, dedication, persistence, commitment and love.  He gave and was rewarded because his heart was fully involved in what he was doing.

The Realisation – I was so NOT being like Forrest Gump


“Stupid is as stupid does.” – Forrest Gump

F?*K! – I was so NOT being like Forrest Gump. This a-ha moment came about  when speaking with my lovely friend Lucie (who just also happens to be my website and brand creator and designer) who had just posted about doing what felt right for HER, for her business.

Seeing her post was reaffirming to what I’d been feeling for a long time – hence my extended hibernation period!

She felt she’d also been getting pulled in all different directions, getting drowned in the noise when all she wants, as a creative, is to follow her heart, her passion and purpose which is to design.

And me?

I want to create inspirational and transformational programmes. Because I’m at my best when I create. I’m at my best when I speak. Because I’m a naturally engaging and impactful speaker. I’m at my best when I teach. Because I love teaching.

Starting from today, I’m going to do and be more like Forrest Gump. It’s time.

Time to Forrest Gump It!

We are all on this journey called life.  And, sometimes, we need help navigating it. If what I went through, and the lessons I learnt along the way helps others steer their path with some ease – then I’ll create.  Today my focus may be relationships, heck, it could be burnout, tomorrow it could be self-care, mental health, how to survive a dysfunctional family etc. etc. 

Yes, I accept that not everything I create will speak to everyone. But I dare myself to be just like Forrest Gump who had many adventures in life, have faith in the process and follow my heart.

Whatever I create has to be meaningful, it has to light me up, fill my heart with joy and speak to different people – women, men, gender free people, teachers, learners, to people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and professions.  As long as my message resonates with you, who you are and what you do is unimportant.

Even if just ONE thing I create speaks and impacts YOU then I thank you for allowing me to be part of your life’s journey.

Like Forrest Gump, I take action and do the things I do because it feels right for me – and not based on what others are telling me I should or shouldn’t be doing. Whatever I do, I do with passion, determination, dedication, persistence, commitment and love. I give and am rewarded because my heart is fully involved in what I am doing.

That’s what I’m doing.

Question is, what are doing and how are you going to Forrest Gump It?


  1. Yolly

    Love this!!! So well written. I watched the film and liked it, but the way you summarise Forrest journey through life is as beautiful as the movie.
    Thank you for this call to reflect on the purpose of our life, from my perspective, now it is more important than ever, given the times we are living, struggling with the “new global situation” that has impacted our lives in different ways, leading us to forget who we really are, our passions and to pursue what makes us truly happy, no matter the circumstances.
    Let’s Forrest Gump It 🙌🏻 !!! 🏃‍♀️

    • Dina

      I’m delighted this latest blog post resonated with you Yolly! It’s been a long time coming as I felt I was getting pulled in so many directions. It really is about deep reflection and pursuing and doing the stuff that totally brings you joy. Do what you do because you love doing it and do it with heart and passion. It really is time to find the essence of who we are – yes, let’s Forrest Gump It!! ❤️

  2. Lorna

    Brilliant message Dina ❤️
    how we can hold ourselves back because of old patterns, beliefs created along our way.
    Then a moment presents to us in reminder of who we truly are without those thoughts which ignited us and our awareness of our purpose.
    You are an amazing speaker and teacher. Be you, allow you to be. There are many waiting to hear your messages that will support them in opening up to being them.

    • Dina

      Lovely Lorna, thanks so much for your words. Yes, we get so caught up in all the noise, not only those internal ones but the external ones (how to market, the right strategy to use, how to attract, what not to say, or what to say, how to master instagram stories and reels, and facebook groups anyone!) – result we get so caught up on these strategies we begin to lose sight of our purpose and why we started on the path we chose. I hope that others will join in and as you say ‘be you, allow to be.’ ❤️

  3. Ioannis

    Excellent read, along with the “Forrest Gump” reference or approach to our daily existence on the ever changing Mother Earth & indeed a powerful underlined message received. If your actions feel right in your heart then follow it through & the rest will follow. Stay true to life, stay true to self & what you believe in. Godbless you & thank you for a great blog.

    • Dina

      Thanks so much for this Ioannis. So, so happy it resonated. Yes, stay true to life, to self and what you believe in. Sometimes, it’s not going to be easy BUT at least you’re living in truth. We’re all going through a change, the world as a whole. And as I see it, life is too short to be a sheep, too short to follow in other’s footsteps – follow your heart and the rest will follow. ❤️

  4. Michele Ryan

    Ah Dina… I absolutely LOVED this message and so needed it! Forrest Gump must be my spirit guide as I try to live life with this attitude. Thank you for bringing me back to my heart and reminding me of the track I am on in LIFE. Love you.

    • Dina

      Lovely Michele, I’m so happy my blog resonated with you. I think we all get lost in the noise and lose sight of the reason we’re doing what we’re doing in the first time. Sometimes, these timely reminders come at a time when God knows that we’ve lost our way somehow and not doing that which we were put in this life to do. Just do what is in your heart Michele, follow your gut, have faith and just take action – it’s time to Forrest Gump It my friend. ♥️

  5. Rachel

    Dina, what a beautiful message! You expressed what I think so many of us feel on this exciting journey of life! And yes, time to Forrest Gump it!!!🥰

    • Dina

      Rachel, delighted this spoke to you – it really is time to ignore the noise and realise that we are own amazing vessels of knowledge, skills and wisdom – what may work for one person may not work for you. Just follow your heart, take on board what works and dare to leave behind that which doesn’t. Just Forrest Gump It!


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