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Just a little glimpse as to where me and Lessons-in-Self have helped change lives (big shout out to all of you who attended THANK-YOU!)

  • LeanIn Switzerland – From Burnout to Brilliance. Online workshop
  • ETAS Professional Development Day – Burnout to Brilliance. The What, the Why and the How to keep your Flame Burning in ELT Zürich, Switzerland
  • DisruptHR – bHRnout – the who, the what and the why of burnout. London, UK
  • DrivenWoman, Festival of Doers – Free your Inner Leader – Zürich, Switzerland
  • IATEFL Conference and Exhibition– Pathways for Success for Teachers – Discovering your Creativity and Purpose in ELT  – Glasgow, UK
  • PMI Switzerland – Demystifying Burnout. Identifying Burnout and how to counteract its effects. Basel, Switzerland
  • SwissLinx – Burnout to Brilliance – Zürich, Switzerland
  • TEDX Basel, 3 minute pop-up talk – A sofa Day, Basel, Switzerland
  • ETAS Professional Development Day– Creating your Visions Workshop for Teachers  – Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
  • Online Webinar – Free your Inner Leader – International
  • ETAS Conference and AGM – Developing a Healthy Sense of Self in ELTZug, Switzerland
  • Novin Academy – ELT for Life’s Purposes – Online, Iran
  • ETAS Professional Development Day – Teachers’ Personal and Professional Pathways to SuccessZürich, Switzerland
  • Regional Events St Gallen – Teachers Personal and Professional Pathways to Success & Developing a Healthy Sense of Self in ELTSt Gallen, Switzerland
  • Institut auf den Rosenberg – Pathways to Success for SchoolsSt Gallen, Switzerland
  • The French School in Bern (Ecole Française Berne) – Pathways to Success for SchoolsBern, Switzerland
  • ETAS Conference and AGM – Developing a Healthy Sense of Self in ELTZug, Switzerland
  • The French School in Bern (Ecole Française Berne)- Creating our VisionsBern, Switzerland
  • Gymnasium Liestal – Activating your Response– Ability – Liestal, Switzerland
  • Fortified and Fabulous Women’s Pathways to Success–  Bern, Switzerland
  • Monthly DrivenWoman LifeWorking Workshops in 2018, Mittenstadt, Olten
  • Developing a Healthy Sense of Self, ELT For Lifes Purposes,Liestal, Switzerland
  • IATEFL Conference and Exhibition – Developing a Healthy Sense of Self, ELT For Life’s Purposes –  The Brighton Conference Centre, Brighton
  • Discovering your Creativity and PurposeBiel, Switzerland
  • ELTAS – Creativity the Ingredient to Spicing up your Coursebook Stuttgart, Germany

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Find out more, book me for a workshop, or interested in the creation and delivery of a tailored workshop, just drop me a line – would love to talk!

Working with Dina has been an essential and unforgettable step in my growth as a person and business owner.

She has been a wonderful sparing partner with such a vibrant energy and unshakable faith in my own potential. Dina has this innate talent to ask the right questions and to ask them directly. There is no hiding, nor walking away from what is stopping you. With her tools and her new & refreshing perspectives, I always found myself able to remove the blocks on my way to progress, no matter what topic was on the table.

I recommend her thousand times and feel very lucky to know her by my side.

Elodie Caucigh

Wellbeing at the Desk - Responsible Wellbeing at Work - Workshop Facilitator - Speaker - Founder of REAL EASE