Exploring the relationship between Bloom’s Taxonomy and Task-based Learning, this interactive session focuses on how you can promote the 5th skill – ‘thinking’ in your English language classroom by creating effective task-based learning sequences.

From 8.30am until 12.00pm

At Live Webinar


Institute of Further Education - FHNW

Not only is it important for learners to be able to communicate in the target language by developing

reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, but for teachers to create tasks that utilize and promote

thinking skills. Namely, tasks that develop LOTS (Low Order Thinking Skills) and HOTS (Higher Order

Thinking Skills). In doing so, language learning becomes more than just learning English, learners acquire critical thinking skills and as a result gain life-long key transferable skills in the learning process.

However, in many secondary English language teaching contexts task-based learning is implemented without much thought to the cognitive processes and coursebooks rarely focus on the development of thinking skills. By the end of this session you will:

  • Be introduced Bloom’s Taxonomy and related action verbs within a TBL context.
  • Know how to create your own tasks that develop thinking skills

There are 20 places available.