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Schützenmattstrasse 56, 4051 Basel

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How do we know if we personally, or someone we know is burning out 
and what can we do about it?   

Ever wondered

      • What is burnout?
      • What are the stages of burnout?
      • Who does it affect?

Exploring burnout as a catalyst for change, the aim of this interactive talk is to identify and demystify burnout. We start by exploring what burnout is, who it affects and how we can identify it. Following this, we are introduced to some of the prevention tools and strategies Dina personally applies in her own life and implements in group training and workshops. 

Through an experiential learning format, Dina ensures we are fully engaged throughout the session, by encouraging to experience the proposed tools for ourselves as this is where change happens. 

The goal of this evening’s interactive talk is to ensure that every one leaves with a key take-away, small yet significant tools and strategies which can be applied to our own lives, within our teams and with friends and family.