Ch. de la Ciblerie 45 2503 Bienne

This workshop will be run by Lessons-in-Self and Véronique Buffat

At HEP Bienne

Ch. de la Ciblerie 45 2503 Bienne

Lesson-in-Self / dina@lessons-in-self.com

Teaching another subject in English during a lesson or a day can bring an interesting change to your class. Students' attention focusses on content and English becomes a necessary tool. In this workshop, you will experiment a series of simple self development activities leading to the creation of a collage called a vision board.

These activities can be done in class: students are asked to reflect on their aspiration and dreams in order to create their vision board. According to our experience in many classes, this has proven to be a powerful tool to boost your students' motivation and meaningful English language communicative competences.

Please email me for more information.