“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”

– Wayne Dyer

COVIDeo Wellbeing Series

During this extraordinary time, I’ve created a series of inspiring and supportive videos entitled COVIDeo Wellbeing Series. My aim through these videos is to help you find the positive in the negative. This doesn’t imply we ignore our feelings and emotions at this time. Whatever it is you’re feeling, is absolutely more than ok.  They’re your feelings and emotions.

But, if I can help you make things easier for yourself and for others during this time, then I want to, so here’s this week’s tip.


Empowered Choices. 

At the moment, we’re in lockdown and for many of us we may have the feeling that our freedoms have been taken away, we’re feeling restless and annoyed, being forced to stay at home because our governments told us we have to.

We get so caught up on the perceived injustice of it all that in doing so, we actually give away our power of choice, we give away our ultimate freedom and that is the one of CHOICE.

Let me challenge you. Just think for a moment.

Do you really, absolutely have to stay home?

I’m going to suggest that no-one can make you do anything and that, actually, the fact that you’re staying home is not because you’ve been told you have to, but because it’s a choice you’ve made.

It’s an empowered choice you’ve made in light of the current situation – you’re staying home to protect yourself,  your community and your loved ones and all the amazing people who are keeping everything going  so that when this is all over – because it will be – you’ll know that you’ve made an empowered choice.

You chose to stay at home, you chose to listen and as a result you’ll have contributed and impacted the outcome.


Empowered Choices start with you!

Write down 3 things that you think you have to do during this time, for example:

  1. I have to stay at home
  2. I have to work from home
  3. I’m unable to visit my parents/family etc.

Now, look at your statements and I want you change them so they represent an empowered choice:

  1. I choose to stay at home because …………….
  2. I choose to work at home because …………..
  3. I choose not to visit my parents because ……

And complete the sentence stem of your new empowered choice statements, focusing on all the positive and valid reasons you’ve chosen to do what you’re doing.

Every time you feel disgruntled, go back to your statements to remind yourself of the empowered choices you’ve made.  And above all, thank yourself for making the right choice at this time because others certainly are grateful.

Photo by Mish Vizesi on Unsplash

Covid Wellbeing Series

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