ELT for Life’s Purposes

Offering effective dual-purpose language learning and education for life tools, you and your learners will experience inspirational and creatively empowering language lessons that simultaneously promote language learning, personal growth, wellbeing and success.

Linguistically, while lessons appear simple and unassuming on the surface, they have the ability to deeply and meaningfully engage both you and your learners, providing a connected, rich and personalised language learning and teaching experience.

If you want creative and transformational approaches to ELT, want to support your learners’ English language development AND promote personal growth, well-being and success, then you’ve come to the right place!

Firstly, let me ask you some questions (hands up please!):

  • Has your well-intended lesson ever fallen flat?
  • Have you not enjoyed the lessons you’ve had to teach, wanted to do more, but just don’t have the time?
  • Have you found your learners become disengaged mid-way because the topic is boring, irrelevant and outdated; who’s this person exactly? Oh, but hasn’t that changed?
  • Have you found there are times the topic generates minimal responses, lacks in real  personalised engagement often truly finding out about the person behind the learner once you’ve finished teaching that particular group (really, wow I had no idea that you were interested in…….., that you want to………, etc.) ?  
  • Have you wished there were more meaningful topics that connect you, the teacher, personally with your learners, universal topics that we can equally relate to?
  • Have you wished there were more opportunities for your learners to be so involved with the content they have real and meaningful reasons to communicate and express themselves in English, so much so they actually forget that they’re learning English?
  • You teach because you want to positively impact the life of your learners?

Interested in finding out more?

Have a browse through some of the workshops for teachers and schools, that are currently offered.

You’re an excellent and passionate presenter and I Look forward to attending many more of your seminars, which are inspiring, thought-provoking, creative and fun!!

Sabine Liberto-Vonlaufen

English Teacher, DELTA 1, CELTA, SVEB