Driven Woman

I’m so proud to also be a Certified Group Leader for DrivenWoman in Switzerland

What is DrivenWoman?

The idea of DrivenWoman is to help women to build courage, to be true to themselves and dare to go after their dreams. Once a month we get together to discuss our goals, to update each other on our progress and to spend time on self-discovery in a safe and honest environment.

The more we share, the more accountable we become and the more aware about our own priorities. And priorities are much easier to put into action than a muddled bunch of to-do’s! Yes, that sounds about right.

But DrivenWoman is so much more than that.

It’s about being a driven woman. It’s about accepting our life situation right now, and then dreaming bigger. It is about being honest about what you want to change and then doing something about it.

It might be about taking small, definite steps towards a goal, or removing self-doubt and fear of failure or swapping a negative habit with a positive one.

It’s about acknowledging that nothing in our daily struggles changes unless we decide to do something about it.

So being a driven woman really boils down to just one thing – taking active steps.



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