About You

You’ve been through some stuff in life, and though you’re here to tell the tale, you’re still finding you’re not quite where you want to be. 

You may also be a teacher or parent, who’s gone through life, who wants to give young people some idea of what lies ahead. Tools to help them on their life’s journey.

But, gosh, where do you start?  

Well, one thing for sure is it doesn’t matter if you’re starting the journey, or already on the journey of life.  Nobody really prepares us for life’s journey and the lessons we learn on the way.

Nobody really prepares us for the lessons you’ll learn about your Self, relationships with other people, the world at large, how to deal with life’s ups and downs, how to be authentically happy in your own skin and how to have the best relationship with (your name).  

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn through Lessons-in-Self.

It’s life and education beautifully blended.

Simply, it’s Education for Life.

About Me

I’m Dina Blanco-Ioannou, Transformational Speaker, Educator, Teacher, Trainer and coach. Through Lessons-in-Self, I create and deliver inspirational and transformational education for life programmes that promote wellbeing, happiness and success.

Why you?  (I hear you ask)  Why me? (I hear myself ask) – well, aside from my formal credentials, I’m a learner of life’s lessons. If they were giving out qualifications for how many times I re-took some of life’s lessons, I’d definitely be up there in the honours list.  

Had to burn out physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually THREE times before I finally got it.  

Sooooo, through my very own lessons in Self, my massively huge (like, really big!) passion for education, teaching and learning, personal growth and development I discovered there’s a simple mathematical formula for life (I know, * smile * those who know me know me and maths).

And it’s this:


Wellbeing + Happiness = Success

Wellbeing + Happiness = Success

Having this little formula in my life’s toolbox, I want to share what I learnt on my life’s journey to support you on yours.

You’ll find lessons that’ll:  

  • Help you become unstuck – even if feeling you’re stuck in a bucket of glue and can’t get out.  
  • Help you find your way if you’re lost and not sure which direction to take – (I get lost following directions on my phone), sometimes we just need to turn round and start again, to get back on track.
  • Help you gain clarity – if you’re feeling a little fuzzy or unsure about where it is you’re heading.  
  • Help you zap that little gremlin (called Ego) lurking in your head with those false and limiting beliefs – they are so yesterday!
  • Help you find your purpose – why are you here? What is it you’re really (I mean, really, REALLY totally really) meant to be doing?
  • Give you life tools to help you feel more happy and positive, inspired and empowered living the life you were destined to live.  It’s possible.  Trust me, I once won the Glass Half Empty award.

And ALL THIS just for starters!


So, if you’re looking for an education for life, lessons to help yourself, so you can help others to help themselves CLICK HERE

In case you’re wondering…

Born in London to Greek-Cypriot parents, I’m now based in Switzerland. I left school at 16 with no real qualifications but lots of dreams.

dreams + thirst and curiosity for learning = where I am today

I love teaching and learning even more, I love books, how they smell (truthfully I do!).  My visual-spatial awareness is to pee on and as for distances (no idea!). That’s the reason I happily  ‘walked the talk for girl’s education’, hiking 170km from Schwarzenburg to Geneva in 6 days in July 2017 all in aid of Girls’ Education raising over $2600 for the Malala Fund.

I am finally at a place where I’m so happily ecstatic to be Dina.  I love taking her out on dates (table for one please) and enjoy her company, love running, hiking and sharing her energy and spirit with those I love.  She rocks! (I talk about myself in the 3rd person for very good reasons…why? That’s something else you’ll learn in Lessons-in-Self)

I’m finally here doing what it is I am supposed to be doing and even better – this time, I’ll finally be getting my wings.

Dina’s Official Bio

(…….or the authentically serious stuff about me)


As the founder of Lessons-in-Self, Dina is a professional English Language Teacher, teacher educator and trainer with over 22 years experience.

She personally trained with Jack Canfield and is a Certified Trainer in The Success Principles and the Jack Canfield Methodology.   Dina is also an experienced trainer, having led workshops and seminars in Switzerland and at international teachers’ conferences, women’s groups and schools

As a Transformational Speaker, Educator, Teacher, Trainer and Coach, Dina ingeniously combines her passion for education, personal development and growth to create her unique educational programmes that foster personal growth, well-being and success.  These include universal programmes and those promoting and combining both English language learning and personal transformation.

Dina has had her educational programmes featured in reviewed publications and she is an International Best-selling Author of Success University for Women in Leadership.

Through her own life experiences, she shows no matter educational background, culture and gender the life you rightly deserve is yours.  

For more information about her professional engagements check out and connect with her on LinkedIn.