I’m a passionate educator, creator and facilitator of personal growth, wellbeing and success programmes.

I’m a passionate educator, creator and facilitator of personal growth, wellbeing and success programmes.

It’s Life and Education beautifully blended.
Simply, it’s Education for Life

“I am a passionate educator, creating and facilitating inspirational and transformational Education for Life programmes that promote personal growth, well-being and success.”

Burnout to Brilliance

How I can help you, or your organisation go from Burnout to Brilliance.

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ELT for Life’s Purposes

More than language teaching. Discover lessons that make a real difference to learners’ lives.

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Lessons-in-Self Educates

Discover educational, transformational workshops and speaking offerings

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Education for Life's Lessons

Discover life-changing lessons and tools to support you on your life’s journey.

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I met Dina, on the 26 of May, 2018 at TEDXBasel, where she was selected to present her 3-mins pop-up talk on the main stage. It was just brilliant!

She definitely knows how to communicate and engage with her audience and her story-telling style is just so natural for her. Her talk about going from burnout to brilliance really resonated with me because at the time I was really overwhelmed in my personal and professional life.

As a result of the talk, I contacted Dina and we started working together on both of these aspects of my life, and I must say that her support with my professional challenges was very important to me. I’m very thankful with Dina and always will be, I achieved all my goals and managed to make the changes I needed to do.

What can I say, she is the best coach and mentor I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DINA If anybody wants to reach out to me to have more details about the experience I’ve had working with Dina, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.

Yolly Gómez

International Health Policy Leader at Roche

Dina possesses the rare gift of not only seeing beyond the pale to providing quality education, but also being able to share her depth of insight so that others can learn and benefit.

Dr. JoAnn Salvisberg

President, ETAS