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Transformational Educator, Coach & Trainer

Why wait a lifetime before you decide to live a fulfilling and successful life, one filled with passion and purpose? A life where you are able to achieve your goals and reach your highest potential? The good news – wait no longer, as it’s never too early or too late to start transforming your life. Believe you can and you will even in the face of adversity.

As I’ve experienced, life sometimes has a way of diverting you from your purpose. It throws you into a bottomless pit, sometimes so deep down you feel you can never ever possibly make it back up. But despite the odds you always succeed. For most of my life this was very much my story.

I couldn’t understand why I kept on falling. Why was it I felt I was constantly being punished? Why did I feel I had to prove myself time and time again in order to gain acceptance? Why was I constantly pushing myself to the limits? Why did I never feel deserving or good enough? Why did I have self-limiting beliefs that at times made me feel so helpless, scared and fearful? Why did I feel that success and reaching my highest potential was so far out of reach? Why did I have such a low sense of self? Why did I simply not care for me? Why couldn’t I, Dina, look in the mirror and simply love unconditionally the person that was looking back at me and be happy?  

The answers to these questions were the the lessons I was destined to learn on my life's journey. Discovering and empowering Dina in the process.  It is through this personal journey of self-discovery I created Lessons-in-Self. 

Lessons-in-Self - Transformational Educational Programmes that creatively inspire and support you to reaching your highest potential – helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. Let your journey begin!