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Dina is a passionate and enthusiastic trainer who is keen to help others with new insights to continually improve themselves.

Christina K P Kwok – Owner, Cross-Cultural Synergies

Dina Blanco has the unique ability, whilst imparting clearly and concisely concepts and teaching methods, to also delight and motivate and indeed intrigue the seminar participants. This enabled total attendee participation at every stage. From my initial contact through to the completion of our latest seminar, Dina was consistently professional, focused and is a pleasure to work with.

Karen Kerley – Director – Centre Exams Manager, Cambridge

I absolutely loved watching Dina present. She is very friendly, expressive and enthusiastic

Deborah King – Teacher

You’re an excellent and passionate presenter and I Look forward to attending many more of your seminars, which are inspiring, thought-provoking, creative and fun!!

Sabine Liberto-Vonlaufen - English Teacher, DELTA 1, CELTA, SVEB

On Beyond Zebra is a favourite Dr. Seuss book of mine and Dina's workshops go far beyond the A-Z of Language Teaching. Dina's workshops reflect her profound knowledge derived from experience and study; She encouraged me to reflect on my experience and study by shaking it all up and throwing it on the table to demonstrate how I too could go On Beyond Zebra.

Mary Patricia Schnueriger - ELT Rep & Teacher Trainer

Dina possesses the rare gift of not only seeing beyond the pale to providing quality education, but also being able to share her depth of insight so that others can learn and benefit. I'll never forget her presentation 'How to Bloomify a Task' at the 2015 IATEFL Conference, which was excellent, and that participants flocked to the front as soon as it ended to get one of her cards for the handouts!

Dr. JoAnn Salvisberg – President, ETAS

I have known Dina for 10 years and find it is always a pleasure to work with her, because she is open, communicative, enthusiastic, eager and great fun to be with. She has an entertaining way of speaking and can discuss any topic effortlessly, mostly because she takes such an interest in the world and the people around her.

Mary Jo Kluser Med – Lecturer of Communications, FHNW

Dina is passionate about training young teachers to become braver in teaching kids skills and competences…..thank-you Dina for training me to become an authentic and passionate teacher….it works!

Katrin Boll – Secondary School Teacher, Switzerland

Dina is a highly professional trainer whose ability to see her trainees as individuals and take into account their personal needs brings out the best in their learning situation.

Rachel – English Language Teacher, Geneva

Dina has a way of seeing the positive side of life, whatever the proverbial weather, with a fantastic sense of humour, to boot….she is always warm, smart, kind and approachable, the woman she is today benefits from the added addition of her professionalism, intellect and unflappability. Dina is hardworking, diligent and really, really cares. She has been my rock for the past 25 years.

Charlotte Langron-Brown, close friend and confidant

I remember.... many many years back in time.... I came to observe a lesson of yours... because I had a plan. My plan was to become an excellent teacher. I thought the best way to get there was to observe someone brilliant : YOU. Teaching with so much authenticity and heart-felt enthusiasm, enabling your students to experience the learning process as something joyful. Thank you for having been my teacher and my inspiration.

Angela Ruedy – Teacher