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Teacher Training

The teacher training universal and ELT programme is offered as a 1-day seminar as well as longer teacher training blocks.

The teacher training blocks provide a more in-depth exploration into the key principles of Lessons-in-Self and how to implement these into your classroom. During the training, teachers will engage in an experiential learning approach, having an opportunity to experience the key principles themselves. As a result, teachers will truly understand and see the impact of the programme before implementing it to their own teaching contexts.

The 1-day teacher-training programme provides teachers with the essential tools for developing their learners’ self-esteem and instilling a sense of achievement and success. Through the ELT programme, teachers will learn the dual-focus approach that supports learners reaching their language and life goals in the process. Teachers will leave with key practical applications they can use straightaway in their classrooms. The teacher-training programme is offered externally or onsite at your school, in small groups or as a one-to-one training programme. It is and catered to meet your specific teaching and learning needs.

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