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The Universal & English Language Teaching Programmes

Lessons-in-Self is a unique transformational education programme that aims to inspire, empower and support individuals in reaching their highest potential. As a Transformational Trainer, Coach and Educator my unique universal and ELT programmes aim to develop key life skills, skills that were often never taught in school but essential to our personal and professional development.  Integrating various modalities including Jack Canfield’s methodology for human potential, the programmes provide participants with essential tools and techniques to support you to get from where you are to where you want to be. “You CAN make a lasting and profound change to your life starting today!

Lessons-in-Self is available as Universal and English Language Teaching transformational education programmes. With a two-fold objective, the ELT programmes engage participants in a unique English language learning experience. Whilst developing and furthering their English language skills, they will also be transforming their life in the process through this unique personal and professional development programme. As a result, not only will participants reach their language goals but also their personal and/or professional life goals in the process.

Programmes include:

  • 1/2 day seminars
  • 1 day seminars
  • Workshops
  • Special Events (longer seminars, specific tailored contexts e.g. women, teens, corporate etc.)
  • Lessons-in-Self Programme for individuals/groups/ schools made up of 5 or 10 sessions of 90'
  • Teacher Training in the Lessons-in-Self modalities
  • Teachers’ Personal and Professional Development Courses
  • One-to-One Training
  • Individual Coaching
  • Tailor made seminars and workshops
  • Taster Sessions

Lessons-in-Self can be tailored to meet your specific needs and context. Please contact me for more information and pricing. I’d love to hear from you.