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Pathways to Success: Discovering your Creativity and Purpose in ELT


What professional goal do you want to accomplish? What’s stopping you from discovering and achieving it? As teachers, often consumed by the routine of our profession, we sometimes allow opportunities for growth to pass us by. On this basis, this workshop offers teachers effective tools and techniques to support them to finding and fulfilling their professional and/or personal goals. It is a short but effective introduction to a unique Teachers’ Personal and Professional Development programme based on Dina’s training as a personal development coach combined with years of experience as a teacher, teacher trainer and educator. It’s an exciting programme, which forms part of a unique Teachers’ Personal and Professional Development programme. We warmly invite you to come along and see where this journey will take you.

Date: Saturday 4 February 2017   Time: 10:00-12:30   Cost: CHF30- ETAS Members/ CHF35- Non-members
Location: Historischer Saal, Klubschule Migros, St Gallen, Bahnhofplatz 2, 9001 – St Gallen

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