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Loving yourself first

by Dina

I believe that the way we view ourselves also very much paves the way we also perform at school. If we suffer from low self-esteem we are likely to feel inadequate no matter what we do.  We will constantly be trying to compete, to prove our worth by always striving for perfection. After all, isn’t that what school is about? It’s about preparing our children ‘for livelihood rather than for life’ (Osho 2011:197).

I think what many ‘good’ schools and ‘bad’ schools are lacking is the ability to build a child’s and young person’s inner knowing.  Forging an inner knowing and confidence that starts from the core of who we are, connecting to our higher selves. More than just physical beings, more than our minds, which for most of our lives is a major force behind every success and failure we have. In essence, it begins by one simple notion that could possibly make a difference in education itself – it all begins by learning to love yourself.

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